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Wusthof Chinese Chef's Knife 20cm
Wusthof Chinese Chef's Knife 20cm

Wusthof Chinese Chef's Knife 20cm

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Chinese chef's knife 20 cm / 8"
Forged from a single piece of WÜSTHOF steel, offering precision and a lot of power in the hand: the Chinese Cook’s Knife will allow you to chop a cabbage or cut wafer-thin slices from a tomato in seconds, while the wide blade is also ideal for scooping up prepped ingredients and transferring them to the pot. The fine cutting edge ensures exceptional sharpness but should not be used on bones or very hard fruits (such as coconuts); instead, we recommend a European Cleaver or Butchers Knife.
Blade length 20 cm
Blade width 8 cm
Can be used for Head of lettuce , Meat , Vegetables , Fish , Herbs , Fruit , Cabbage
Handle length 12,1 cm
Handle material Synthetic handle, riveted
Hardnessgrade 56 HRC
Manufacturing method laser-cut
Product type Chinese Chef's Knives
Type of use Cutting , Chopping