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The story Chef & a knife

Chef & a knife was founded in 2019.

Growing up in Southern Brazil, founder Cris’ first passion is churrasco, the barbeque culture of the Gauchos. So, a quality knife is and has always been an essential tool of his trade. Since working as a professional chef for the last two decades in Sydney, he has discovered and become brand advocate for the exceptional craftsmanship of Japanese, German and French knife makers.

Chef & a knife is Cris’ brainchild, offering a bespoke curation of fully restored vintage and new knives that are ideal for home cooks and chefs alike. Chefs have known for centuries that a quality knife is essential to a good meal, and now, the rest of us can have access to the best tools of the trade. Showcasing an exceptional range of knives that have been sourced from across the world, Chef & a Knife is now the go-to source for the best knives for committed cooks.

At the end of 2020 he launched an exclusive and one of a kind Premium vintage range. When coming across a rare knife from renowned and reputable brands with highest quality steel, he worked with a partner GT Edgeworks to take it to the next level. These knives undergo our usual restoration plus they are also given a new lease on life with a new custom handle, using high quality timbers and rivets.

Whether preparing a complete Brazilian churrasco or slicing almonds for the next baking endeavour, Chef & a Knife provides the tools required to make it a pleasure, while becoming a mainstay in kitchens for decades to come.

Please get in touch with Cris with any questions about our products or brand partnership opportunities