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Wiltshire BBQ Cook Kit

Wiltshire BBQ Cook Kit

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Handy and simple, our Bar-B Pack comes with a spatula that has a serrated edge for superior cutting and slicing. The lightweight piercing tongs easily grips any BBQ food. While the cool touch, comfortable handle protects your hands.

Why you'll love me...

Thirst quenching, burger-flipping, sausage piercing BBQ tools? We kid you not! It’s our Bar-B Pack. All in one. Because half the fun at BBQ time, is having nice new toys to cook with.


  • Easy lock rear locking mechanism
  • Tapered head designed for grabbing big and small food items"

Usage & care

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Take care with placement of Tongs and Spatula within the dishwasher.