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Tojiro DP 3-Layer Series 3Pcs Set

Tojiro DP 3-Layer Series 3Pcs Set

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Tojiro DP3 Series Chef & Paring Knife Gift Set A

The Tojiro DP3 Series Gift Set A includes a Chef Knife 21cm, Paring Knife 9cm & 15cm.


  • Handcrafted in Niigata, Japan
  • Razor-sharp with 60° Rockwell hardness
  • Well balanced and comfortable handle
  • Highest quality steel that is hand polished for an impeccable finish

Chef Knife 21cm (TF-800)

A multi-purpose knife designed to perform well at a number of tasks as opposed to specialising in any one purpose. Used for mincing, slicing meat, chopping vegetables and disjointing large cuts. A must-have in any kitchen.

Paring Knife 9cm (TF-80) & 15cm(TF-802)

A small knife with a plain edge blade, perfect for peeling fruits and vegetables or for small delicate work i.e. slicing a single garlic clove, de-veining a shrimp, cutting shapes into dough and so forth. They are very versatile knives and one of the most used knives in a chef’s kitchen.