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Rust Eraser (Grid Rough)

Rust Eraser (Grid Rough)

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The rust eraser is easy to use for removing rust or other stubborn stains from knives: Wet the rust eraser with water before using. Identify the direction of the "grain" of the knife steel (you will see lines in the knife steel) and following the grain, gently rub back and forth until the rust or stain is gone.

This item can be used to remove a rust and/or stain. Sometimes you may want to use this without water or with detergent. To summarize, it will help you a lot in your daily life not only when you use sharpening stone.

  • How to use: Rub this product on knives (or any other rusty blades) with water
  • Wipe well with clean cloth


    Size:38mm x 63.5mm x 12mm