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Ion8 Recyclon Plastic Water Bottle 500ml Black
Ion8 Recyclon Plastic Water Bottle 500ml Black
Ion8 Recyclon Plastic Water Bottle 500ml Black
Ion8 Recyclon Plastic Water Bottle 500ml Black

Ion8 Recyclon Plastic Water Bottle 500ml Black

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Do you keep forgetting to drink water? Get this motivational 100% leak proof BPA free water bottle and be sure that you won’t feel dehydrated ever again! This refillable plastic water bottle has motivational health information on its outer wall that are guaranteed to remind you and push you to drink ample water throughout the day!

With a soft-touch ‘frosted’ textured grip, you can open this drinking bottles with one hand, and lock it closed for peace of mind when throwing into a bag. Made from BPA free, phthalate free, non-toxic TRITAN, this versatile drinks bottle is odour resistant, easy to hand wash and suitable for hot or cold drinks. It has a vented, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration, a handy carrying hook, and fits standard bike bottle cages (please check for sufficient clearance on your bike), wider or adjustable cup holders, and external rucksack mesh pockets.


Durable, non-toxic BPA-free water bottle from Ion8. Ideal for camping and hiking, it opens with one hand and locks for safety. It doesn't leak a single drop of water. It has a soft texture to prevent slipping. It is dishwasher safe and suitable for both cold and hot liquids.

About this item

  • 100% Leak Proof BPA Free Water Bottle Hygienic spout cover folds completely with one finger and locks for safety when throwing in a bag
  • The carry handle is integrated and hidden in the lid, ready to use
  • Ventilated, smooth liquid flow for rapid hydration
  • A great sport, yoga and gym water bottle, fits in most bike bottle holders and has a soft grip handle
  • These water bottles are made from phthalate-free, non-toxic BPA-free and carbon neutral recyclon. Dishwasher safe, with safety devices around the seals, is easier to clean than ever before. Safe and suitable for hot or cold drinks.


Capacity - 500 ml
Material - Plastic
Additional Specifications - Mouthpiece
with Filter. -No
Waterproof - Yes
Straw - No
Colour -Black

Capacity 600ml/20oz

Dimensions H23.1cm x Dia.6.5cm

Weight 132g (732g when full)

Material Recyclon™ Polymer, BPA Free

Operating range: Suitable for -5°C to 96°C beverages. With extremely hot drinks, the bottle can be uncomfortable to hold without gloves.


OneTouch bottles have an air vent for smooth, spill-free flow. The side spout allows for minimal tilt for perfect hydration. If you over-tilt, water may dribble from the vent.


Rinse the bottle and cap with cool water before use. After use, rinse with warm water and dish soap only. Do not scrub with brushes or abrasives. Air dry thoroughly before storage with the cap off. Hand wash or use a dishwasher on a cool wash cycle.

Restrictions: Do not freeze when full, boil, or microwave the bottle. Not suitable for carbonated drinks or non-drinkable liquids. Do not wash in a dishwasher on a hot cycle.