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Froisses Cappuccino Coffee Cup 180ml Set of 6x Seychelles Yellow
Froisses Cappuccino Coffee Cup 180ml Set of 6x Seychelles Yellow

Froisses Cappuccino Coffee Cup 180ml Set of 6x Seychelles Yellow

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Inspired by a crumpled plastic coffee cup, this REVOL cup couldn't fail to be remembered. It is a source of endless creative inspiration, and a touch of design on your table! Available in 25 colours, 54 decorative themes and 8 sizes, not only used for coffee or hot drinks; it is also ideal to bake and serve your cakes, fruit salads or ice creams. This renowned signature design comes today as an entire range of dishes, salad and individual bowls, offered in 3 colours to fit your buffets. The diversity of sizes enable you to control food costs and adapt the quantities to your menu or customer's wish.


The crumpled and stackable tumblers in Revol's Froisses Collection are designed for hot beverages, appetizers, tapas, French fries and desserts. Revol porcelain is the cream of the crop of culinary-grade porcelain, containing neither cadmium nor lead. They are extremely durable as they are chip and crack resistant and thermal shock resistant-going easily from table to freezer, or oven to table. Our smaller crumple tumblers are perfect for baking muffins or cooking crumbles, while larger sizes make for eye-catching serve and decorative ware from utensil holders, to champagne buckets. Available in a variety of patterns, sizes and colors, Froisses Crumple cups are a fun, festive and unique way to show your personality whether a small, intimate dinner, a large formal gathering, or just showcasing your style around the kitchen.


  • Perfect for serving beverages, dips and sauces
  • Chip, scratch and shatter resistant. Dishwasher safe
  • From the the culinary elite to the everyday home
  • Imported from France