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CRISTAL D'ARQUES Lady Diamond Vase 27cm
CRISTAL D'ARQUES Lady Diamond Vase 27cm

CRISTAL D'ARQUES Lady Diamond Vase 27cm

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Lady Diamond Vase 27cm

This vase will light up your flowers and decorate your room in a unique way.

Made in France, it is a 100% recyclable, odourless glass product.

Kwarx Advanced Glass

Built on expertise and daily attention to detail, the Kwarx, which is used to manufacture all our Cristal d’Arques Paris products, is lead-free and resistant to shocks and dishwashers, guaranteeing luxury products suitable for everyday use.

Long-lasting Brilliance: Kwarx is as brilliant and pure after 300 dishwasher cycles as the day it was made. It lights up your table!

Complete Transparency: Exceptional transparency, with an index of 98.8 superior to market standards. Cristal d'Arques Paris reflects your style beautifully!

Superior Strength: Ultra-innovative, Kwarx glass is up to 50% more resistant than market standards. So invite your friends over, take the glasses out of the cupboard and enjoy the moment!


  • Height: 27cm
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lead-free
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Exclusively produced in France

Care Instructions:

  • Discard chipped, damaged or broken items
  • Use short wash cycles for decorated items
  • Do not stack
  • Do not put in the microwave or oven, or in contact with fire
  • Do not fill with boiling liquid