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Tojiro Whetstone Domestic DoubleSided w/Non-Slip Stand #220/1000,

Tojiro Whetstone Domestic DoubleSided w/Non-Slip Stand #220/1000,

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Suitable for home use, the Combination Waterstone with 220/1000 grit is a professional quality sharpening stone that is perfect for ensuring accuracy and precision for your knives. The 220 grit whetstone is used primarily to repair neglected or worn blades by removing chips and reshaping the edge of the knife. The opposing side is a finer 1000 grit whetstone that is used for minor scratches and final honing. 
The sturdy plastic base has non-slip feet to ensure the stone is steady and safe sharpening. This whetstone is ideal for daily use in the kitchen, guaranteeing a sharper knife edge for better food preparation and precision cuisine. 
This grit combo is the great for maintaining the edge on your knife and polishing a fine edge. 

All whetstones need to be submerged into water for about 5 minutes before sharpening to ensure there is enough moisture to create a paste between the knife and the stone. It is also recommended to use a few drops of dish washing liquid to enhance lubrication.

  • Comes with a sturdy plastic base with non-slip feet to help keep it in place
  • Suitable for home use
  • 175x56x28mm