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Collection: Ironwood Gourmet

At its roots, Ironwood is a company dedicated to quality woodenware. Founded by a restaurateur and wood worker, Ironwood products are both beautiful and durable, perfect for spaces that rely on quality products where image and presentation matter. Ironwood Gourmet, as the original acacia wood company, has been the standard of quality for acacia wood since its beginning. These pieces have natural properties that make them perfect for every kitchen. Acacia wood is a distinct alternative to other wood for a variety of reasons. It is valued for its rich, vivid hues and its natural resilience to water. This resilience also aids in the antibacterial properties of the wood. With proper care, Ironwood Gourmet products will withstand night after night of use.

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  • Ironwood Chef's Wood Spoons
    Ironwood Chef's Wood Spoons
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