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F.Dick Premier Plus Gift Set Forged Knife Set, 3pcs
F.Dick Premier Plus Gift Set Forged Knife Set, 3pcs
F.Dick Premier Plus Gift Set Forged Knife Set, 3pcs

F.Dick Premier Plus Gift Set Forged Knife Set, 3pcs

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F. Dick Cutlery 

Johann Friedrich Dick founded the company in 1778 to manufacture files. It continued in the manufacture of files as its main product line until 1873, when Paul Friedrich Dick took over the company and began the production of sharpening steels

Premier WORLDCHEFS is the unique composition of a hygienic non-sticking coating and a precious mother of pearl effect handle. The high quality coating resists materials sticking to the blade and facititates cleaning. Both Friedr. Dick and the World Association of Chefs Societies (WORLDCHEFS) endorse this product. This knife series has been developed in cooperation with F. Dick and WORLDCHEFS specifically for international professional chefs.

Product Information:

Creative cooking without compromises. Forged and balanced with a perfectly proportioned handle. Outstanding handle concept: the handle and blade are seamlessly connected, ensuring perfect hygiene and excellent care. The blade is made of a high quality X50CrMoV15 alloy. This is synonymous with prolonged edge retention, resistance to wear and maximum sharpness. Each Knife is precisely manufactured, sharpened, honed and polished.

Key Features:  

* Forged knives with bolster and integrated tang non-slip

* Handle made of high-quality plastic



Premier Plus Chef Knife 21cm


We love this knife for it’s remarkable balance and handling. The forged knife retains its sharp edge for longer.
Blade size: 21cm


Premier Plus Carving Knife 18cm


The F.Dick Premier Plus Carving blade allows your to cut roast meats in long, smooth motions. A thin blade allows you to move around the bone deftly.
Blade size: 18cm


Premier Plus Paring Knife 12


Top and tail vegetables and peel fruits with ease with the sharp paring knife
Blade size: 12cm