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A Japanese kitchen knife is a type of a knife used for food preparation. These knives come in many different varieties and are often made using traditional Japanese blacksmiths techniques. They can be made from  stainless steel, carbon steel or haganne, which is the same kind of steel used to make Japanese swords.

In this space We are starting to work with some of the most talented, Japanese blacksmiths who cultivate their skills from many generations and pass mysterious techniques of knife-making within blacksmith family. 

Japanese kitchen chef knives aren’t mass market tools, but unique & useful state of art. The products our blacksmiths create are always hand hammered and always of the highest quality. We are honoured and humbled to present their work and we would like you to get familiar with their rich histories.

TOMITA  - is the owner of a small factory in Miki. He is the third generation continuing this art. With his son, he forges various blades entirely by hand. Passionate about his work, he is constantly seeking new materials and innovating with unique designs. He uses a variety of steels and finishing touches, but always maintains the traditional methods and techniques that have been used for decades. He has many lines of knives, of very high quality and finely crafted finishing.

KANETSUNE - Located in Seki City, the City of Blades in the 800-year-old blade capital of the Orient, Kanetsune knives are great imported. “Seki-den” is the secret method of Japanese sword-making that has been passed down to our present age from 800 years ago. Mr. Kanetsune Seki, one of the finest master craftsmen in Japan, preserves the ancient traditions with these Kanetsune Knives. All items listed were made in Japan.

ISEYA  - brand by Seto Cutlery MFG Co.,Ltd. has been cultivated in the 800-year historical blade capital of SEKI city, Japan. The company was established in 1908, and they have been manufacturing and trading excellent knives more than 100 years. The feature of ISEYA is in the sharp-durable edge made by careful forging and polishing through Japanese timeless-traditional technology by Mr. Yoshinori Seto.

 YU KUROSAKI  Yu Kurosaki was born in 1979, and after 12 years of training, he started his own business as Kurosaki Uchihamono in Echizen City, Fukui Prefecture. His knives are made using the traditional Echizen Uchihamono technique of two sheets of steel together, which is thinner than one sheet of steel and allows for a greater number of strikes, resulting in a high and lasting sharpness. The hammered pattern, which is a characteristic of Yu Kurosaki’s knives, is created by hammering on the surface of the blade to create a unique unevenness that expresses a fierce look.

More to come.......

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